Equity Tokens: Safeguarding vs. Corporate Action

Tokens representing equity in a distributed autonomous organization will allow its holders to vote on a corporate action, require them to provide information for a smart contract oracle or let them define a destination address for dividend issuance. That, however, creates its own set of security challenges. Here’s a simple proposal on how to tackle them.

Why And How Give Cryptocurrency For Christmas

This is the best time to give away a cryptocurrency as a Christmas present. Not only is there a much higher chance of your loved ones getting a present, which will appreciate next year, but it gets the point we all try to make across much more effectively. However please remember to emphasize necessity of backups, so excitement doesn’t turn into disappointment. My simple template attached.

Loyalty: You (Probably) Don't Need Blockchain for It, Part VI

Instead of building expensive, unreliable and slow blockchain solutions with no added value as long as those blockchains are permissioned, loyalty programs would be better off using much more simple centralized solutions and using existing, well-known cryptocurrencies for gamification and settlement. But that would mean a bunch of expensive consultants would not get paid as much.

Evils of Australia's Minimum Wage

Progressive politicians think legislation is a magic wand, which makes laws of economics and the nature of humans disappear. Instead, they introduce a whole lot of unintended consequences and suffering for those well below their supposedly omniscient radar.