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Loyalty: You (Probably) Don't Need Blockchain for It, Part VI

Instead of building expensive, unreliable and slow blockchain solutions with no added value as long as those blockchains are permissioned, loyalty programs would be better off using much more simple centralized solutions and using existing, well-known cryptocurrencies for gamification and settlement. But that would mean a bunch of expensive consultants would not get paid as much.

Asset Management: You (Probably) Don't Need Blockchain for It, Part V.

In both movable and real estate assets, blockchain can potentially help with providing trustless, immutable ledger. However, the real challenge is elsewhere. With movable assets, it is in recording changes of the assets' states within complex operations of large organizations and groups. In real estate, it is in enforcing the ownership and a necessity for the governments to cease monopoly over law enforcement.

You (Probably) Don't Need Blockchain For It

The word blockchain is mostly used by people clueless about its real value proposition and a context within which it needs to operate. It is being thrown at problems, which could be solved by a simple integration architecture and brought up to either overcome self-imposed bureaucratic barriers or to sell consulting mandays. Without it being open and permissionless , it is just very expensive and slow database. Cryptocurrencies must not only be inseparable part of any blockchain solution, but often make much more sense to implement to a business.